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The day we met Amita we knew she was the one to transform our new house into a home. She came in with honest advices and made the presentation look easy. She heard our vision of what we wanted and finally we got a beautiful looking home –


As soon as I met Amita, I got a sense of her warm personality and her professionalism. She immediately knew what I wanted and understood what I was trying to say. She has great taste, an excellent eye for color, and very creative ideas –

Sakshi Agarwal

I’ve got to come up with some new adjectives. Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous… I’m using them too often. I just wanted to tell you that no matter how many times but I just love to walk through my house. Each room, each wall is a concept on its own – a little work of art so different, and yet, each belongs together, weaving a story. I’m amazed by the beauty of this house and ever so grateful for making Amit and my dream come true. My heartfelt gratitude for your incredible talent –